2016 Suzuki SX4 Review, Engine and Price

2016 Suzuki SX4 Review, Engine and Price – The 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross entry into the market shall for sure change the dynamics in the SUV market. This is primarily because this vehicle is anticipated to have an even more appealing appearance than the current model which is already doing well. This vehicle shall also come with a more comfortable and luxurious interior which means users will get a more enjoyable driving experience. Furthermore, the power train of 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is expected to be improved to make the vehicle ideal for both on and off road driving.

2016 Suzuki SX4 Side

2016 Suzuki SX4 Review

One of the primary aspects that makers of the 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross are expected to emphasize on is ensuring that the vehicle has a unique and modern appearance. This shall be achieved through some of the exterior features being improved and also through introducing some other entirely new features. The design of this vehicle shall be in a manner that it will look powerful and aggressive. The front area shall get a complete facelift with various features being redesigned. The grille of this vehicle shall be enlarged while the bumper shall be redesigned. The attractive LED head light of the previous model are expected to be redesigned to make them sportier. These lights using the LED technology means that they will be using lesser power but will still be powerful.

2016 Suzuki SX4 Front

The upcoming 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross shall be using rain sensing wipers that shall have the ability to detect any wetness on the windscreen. Furthermore, the vehicle shall be riding on nineteen inch allow wheels which shall not only enhance the looks of the vehicle, but shall also give the ability to handle different types of terrains comfortably. The vehicle shall also undergo several rear side improvements including redesigning of the tail lights and inclusion of a new exhaust system.

2016 Suzuki SX4 Interior

2016 Suzuki SX4 Engine

The upcoming 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross shall be getting its power from a variety of engines including a hybrid option. The main engine expected on this vehicle shall be a turbo charged 1.6 liter engine that shall be generating 267 lb-ft of torque and 245 hp. This engine shall be mated with a six drive automatic transmission and shall be available in rear wheel drive. The fuel efficiency of this engine shall be an average of 65 mpg therefore making this vehicle very fuel efficient. 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross offers two different engine types, i.e. in both diesel and petrol variants. The diesel 1.2 litre unit feels strong and easy to handle even while carrying excessive amounts of load. The petrol 1.2 litre unit, however, is a high-cost model that offers automatic transmission system. So, choose wisely and based on your requirements. Standard offering will be on front-wheels but for premium end models, all-wheel drive configuration will be compulsory. Fuel economy rates have been measured at 67 mpg, which is almost same at this car’s rival Skoda Yeti. Four-wheel drive version has been recorded to deliver almost 65 mpg on an average.

2016 Suzuki SX4 Cabin

2016 Suzuki SX4 Price

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2016 Suzuki SX4 Rear