Top 10 Kate Moss Quotes on Fashion and Style

Kate Moss, born on 16th January 1974 in London, is one of the most successful models in the world, as the 2012 Forbes top-earning models list suggests – where the British beauty was ranked 2nd. Moss began her modelling journey through Storm model management in the 1990s and is well known for her role in size zero fashion, as well as her rebellious personal life. Despite her turbulent personal life, she continues to be the leading lady for some of the world’s biggest designers and brands.

Here are our favourite Kate Moss quotes.


1. “Yeah, I like clothes, but I hardly ever go shopping. Hardly ever!”


2. “Going to the gym wouldn’t be on my list of favourite things to do.”


3. “I have a dress-up chest at home. I love to create this fantasy kind of thing.”


4. “I really work. I like feeling that I’ve nailed it, and we’ve got the picture.”


5. “I’m not really a fashion designer. I just love clothes. I’ve never been to design school. I can’t sketch. I can’t cut patterns and things. I can shorten things. I can make a dress out of a scarf.”


6. “When you’re shooting you go to references in your mind. You think about how you should stand in these particular clothes, or how you should move. You think about the different characters you’re playing, really.”


7. “It sounds really corny but I think that if you’re beautiful inside it shows on the outside, for sure.”


8. “I am not a fashion freak!”


9. “I edit things down, and I’ve got a massive dressing room in the country, and so all the things I’m not going to wear but don’t want to get rid of go there. And all the stuff I want to get rid of goes to Oxfam.”


10. “I was never anorexic, so I was never that skinny. I was never bony-bony. But I remember thinking, I don’t want to be this skinny.”


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